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The best shops are more than just a counter and some shelves; they are rich, immersive
environments that are a pleasure to spend time and money in. We create online
retail experiences that are as unique and compelling as the products they sell. So no matter
what product you are selling, we can re-imagine how you do business and help your customers
put their money where their mouse is.


Imagine if the Internet was a vast blue ocean, and you were alone floating in the middle of it
... on nothing but a raft. How would you draw attention to yourself?

Would you shout? Would you scream? or would you try and swim to shore?

If there is one thing that years of problem solving have taught us, it’s not just how to make
your business more visible. It’s that, when you make the most of your resources, solutions
can come from the most unlikely places. Permission for Zucchi to come aboard…


You never seem to have enough time when you are running a business. You might have found
time to read this paragraph, but will you have time to read the next?

What you need is a system that not only allows you to manage your time more effectively,
but also helps you do more with the time you have.

From planning meetings or events, to increasing productivity, let Zucchi find a way to
keep the your business moving forward quicker, smoother, and more effectively than ever.


Once upon a time, the Internet was static. Nowadays it’s a powerhouse of dynamic
content. Thanks to web services, it’s useful, exciting, entertaining, and rich. So to
keep it that way, it’s not enough to just build web services. At Zucchi we harness, develop and

positively encourage them. Whether you need a web service, or think you’d make a good
one, we make sure your users get the very best out of the Internet.


Like any machine, over time wear and tear can take its toll. The same goes for your
business, what started out as fully functioning and reliable can eventually require a
little overhaul. If you’ve got a service or a tool that isn’t performing, we can bring
it back into line or seamlessly integrate something better to have everything running
like clockwork again.




Our ability to work whilst on the move has become more and more vital as our time becomes
more precious. The introduction of smartphones means that staying productive has never been
easier, and we can help tailor all your mobile devices into versatile business tools capable of so
much more than playing Angry Birds.



Looking for a new and unique way to attract new customers for your business? Our promotional
apps allow you to reach new customers, through a combination of slick interface
design and promotional delivery, that will help make sure they keep coming back. We employ all
the latest features from maps and navigation to beacons, so not only can they find you easily,
you can also interact with them as soon as they walk through the door.



Today mobile phones are used by people of all ages, but not in the traditional sense.
Mobile entertainment is by far the most popular use for smart phones. Whether it's an
interactive story for the young ones, a music app for the teens or an addictive puzzle
for the more mature user, Zucchi’s knowledge and experience can help you bring your idea
to life.


People are more than happy to use their mobile instead of their wallet,
allowing them to purchase almost anything from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s the
convenience provided by a shopping app or the subtle use of a micro payment system.
Our expert knowledge of the current market and available handsets can help you to provide a unique
and seamless buying experience.


The rate that technology evolves at can be astounding. What was once bleeding edge can
become obsolete in the blink of an eye, and what was once popular can become yesterday's
news. One sure-fire way to stay on top is to periodically evolve your offering. Zucchi
can help you to refresh your user experience by quickly integrating 3rd party solutions and
modules without you having to invest time and money in creating your own.



Business Needs Analysis

Sometimes being able to understand, identify and articulate your own requirements can seem a frustrating and difficult task. You know what you want, but you don’t know how to get it and what you’ll need along the way. Using our years of expertise and experience, we can identify your business needs and build a concise tailored report which will tell you exactly what, why and how together, we can move your business forward.

Architecture & Analysis

Do you know how effective your current solution is? When was the last time you reviewed it? Is it secure? Making sure your System Architecture and Infrastructure is rock solid is essential for your business future and can be critical if you are planning to launch a new product or expand your business. By offering regular reviews of your systems we can ensure that you are always up and running without fear of the worst happening. We will help to identify possible weak points and offer solutions for a wide variety of areas such as Performance, Redundancy, Scalability and Security.


Even if you have your own team of developers, are you sure you are getting the most out of them? We can provide a series of developer enrichment programmes, ranging from Best Practice Seminars to one on one coaching sessions. You can be sure that our bespoke training solutions will improve your developers ability and increase their productivity.

Project Management

We know that managing a technical, software development project isn’t often a straightforward task. Without experienced leadership a project can quickly and easily become off target, over budget and late. You can use of one of our experienced project managers on a full or part time basis for the duration of your project. With their experience in a number of project management methodologies, we will be able to make sure that you can keep a tight hold of the reins.




Everyone wants their website to look unique and still provide the best possible experience for the user. However, without the right skills and experience the design process can require a lot of time and investment, yet still come up short of your expectations. Our design process is based on a deep understanding of user needs combined with great creative execution. Our process is fluid and collaborative, to deliver an experience that can continuously evolve around the user.’


Since the introduction of the iphone in 2007, the quality of apps has risen steeply. It's no longer enough to have a great 'functional' app anymore, it has to look great too. A well designed, visually appealing app will instil confidence in the user to either make in app purchases or purchase an app outright. A key part of an applications success comes from user ‘word of mouth’ and you can be sure our design and visuals will make users recommend the app to their friends and colleagues.

We're Zucchi

We love a challenge, our engineers thrive on it. There are no problems, only solutions. We don't always stick to a rigid process, our approach is driven by the user, it is agile and fluid. We draw on our team's diverse experience and understanding of the bigger picture to think laterally and solve business problems in new and innovative ways.

Our approach is bespoke but the result is the same, a step change, increased performance and an all round better product.

Martin Matt Dave Louise Rick Meet The Team

This is Martin

Digital Engineer

As a Developer Martin is always pushing himself to improve his skills and has not yet backed away from a challenge that has been presented to him.

Following his graduation from the University of Manchester, with a Degree in Computer Engineering, he went on to work as a freelance developer; allowing him to evaluate which sector of the industry he wanted to specialise in.

After trying a number of different roles he finally settled permanently with GMG Radio, becoming a key developer on their media delivery and content distribution platforms. As part of his time here he helped to architect, develop and maintain the system to make it capable handling massive amounts of traffic.

Following a corporate restructure at GMG, Martin decided it was time to move onto a new challenge and joined a well known digital agency in Manchester. Here he was given the chance to work with a wide variety of well known Open-Source tools and platforms and helped him develop his skills in multitasking between various different projects simultaneously.

During his time with Zucchi he has proven to be invaluable in getting a task done both quickly and to the highest of standards. Taking direction from his colleagues he has proved his worth time and again.

As an enthusiastic amateur musician Martin likes to strum the strings on his electric guitar when it's time to kick back and relax at the end of the day.


This is Matt

Managing Director

Matt is the Founder and Managing Director of Zucchi. Having always been passionate about working with computers which has lead to a 15 year long career in programming and software development.

After spending so long in the industry, Matt found that he wanted to be able to apply his own methodology to the processes of Software Development and Digital Engineering, so he founded Zucchi in 2011.

Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table made it possible for him to be able to attract both the right calibre of people to the team and form lasting relationships with other companies both as partners and clients.

Focusing on personal development is something Matt is keenly aware of and continues to strive for everyday. Armed with an unwavering self belief, he constantly pushes himself and the team that bit harder in order to "make it better". Always the “Developer in charge”, Matt can still be found rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands on the code, loving nothing more than tackling a complicated piece of logic.

As a father of three he also tries his hardest to give as much time as he can to his family and tries to make sure that all of the team gets the chance to do the same. He is also a member of the Scout Association UK and helps to run a Cub Scout Section for his local Scout Group which the company actively supports and sponsors as one of its official charities.


This is Dave

Digital Engineer

Having been interested in computing from a very early age, he enjoyed tinkering with the truly archaic beige boxes from the 80s that came to be what we now know as the modern PC.

After completing his Masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Manchester, he went on to work as a C/C++ developer for a face recognition specialist making tools for automatic generation of game avatars. Dave then continued to work in the games industry and for a variety of platforms such as Wii, PS3 & Xbox. Taking a major role in the development of the racing title "Bang Bang Racing" for the PlayStation network, Xbox Live and PC.

Dave moved on from developing console games to creating mobile games and entertainment apps. He has produced apps for both iOS and Android, working on notable titles such as Crossword Buddies and Eye Spy!

Since joining Zucchi as a Developer, Dave has been proved he has an analytic mind capable of understanding a wide range of languages and levels of complexity. He has been instrumental working on projects with complex features such as Natural Language processing, Image recognition & manipulation and Dynamic program flow management daemons.

Outside of work Dave fancies himself as a Masterchef finalist (we are currently trying to get him to put his money where his mouth is) and can be quite often found in the kitchen cooking everything from Beef Wellington with Dauphinoise Potatoes to a Pot Noodle.


This is Louise

Digital Creative

Inspired by Hollywood films set in New York Advertising Agencies Louise fell in love with design as a teenager. During her school years, Louise excelled at Graphic Design so decided to build upon her skills by studying for a Design Btec at South Cheshire college. She later went on to achieve a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Salford.

Mainly producing print and animation work whilst studying, it was at her first job where she discovered a love for the internet. Working with experienced Web Developers, at a well known digital agency in Manchester, taught her to produce beautiful functional web designs.

Nothing makes Louise happier than producing pixel perfect designs that can set a brand alight. From perfect fonts, to an exacting layout with intuitive navigation, no-one better understands what makes a truly great design.

Louise is also a huge fan of American TV and is often found watching a ‘Season Box Set’ when not enjoying the sights and sounds of Manchester City Centre.


This is Rick

Digital Engineer

Rick is a Developer with a solid education in Computing, having graduated from the University of Manchester with a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science, all the while holding down a part time IT job for one of the largest Media Agencies in the North West.

After university he went straight into developing software for the Internet with a small Digital Agency based in Hale. Where he began to perfect his skills in PHP, ASP and System Administration. He later moved on to a much larger Digital Agency in the heart of Manchester, working on a wide variety of projects during his time there. He had the chance to become experienced with a number of development tools and frameworks in both Java and PHP while being part of a large team of developers. This allowed him to absorb a vast amount of knowledge on software development, system architecture and programming design patterns.

It was there that he first met Matt and successfully worked as part of his hand picked bespoke software development team; responsible for delivering larger custom tailored projects. This working relationship led to Matt asking Rick to join Zucchi, with the intention of creating a company capable of delivering high quality Software and putting together a team to have the best possible development skills. Since then Rick has been an instrumental part in creating tools and applications that are used daily both in-house and in the wider Open-Source community.


Evolution of Pegacat

Posted by Default Admin on 20th February 2014

We had a name, what we wanted was an identity.

Through a rigorous process of strategic rebranding with the guys from Agent, we decided it was important to have a strong identity and with that a logo. We wanted something that could be used on our new website, promotional material and stationery. It needed to allow the brand to stand out from the crowd whilst making the company more easily recognisable. Our logo had to enforce a sense of quality, to not only reflect the standard of work we produce, but the type company we had become. We are Digital Engineers.

Creating a mark of digital engineering excellence

We pride ourselves on being experts in the world of digital engineering. Therefore we tried referencing historical iconology from the world of engineering excellence, and juxtaposition it with the world of technology in order to create our own unique logo.

A well oiled machine

Oil is the fuel of engineering, it turns the cogs and runs engines. Here we use the idea of oil or lubricant as a conceptual mechanic to illustrate the understanding of Zucchi making your business work better.



The purpose of the engineer seal or stamp is to assure the user of the product that the work has been performed by a professional to a high standard. We thought to reference this to reflect a sense of quality to our brand and our products.



Pegasus is a symbol symbol of power and speed as well as imagination. Its a symbol that has strong links to automotive industry, while its association to with the Muses emphasises innovation. The pegasus is Internationally recognised as a mark of proud engineering excellence.



Cats have been often used in brand iconography, but apart from the Jaguar, it has little association with engineering. This is quite convenient as the company is actually named after the founders pet cat “Zucchini”. This lead us down the path of creating something unique, drawing inspiration from our previous branding work to head in a new direction. Peggy the flying cat was born (aka Pegacat).

Evolution of The Pegacat

We knew it was crucial to find the right style, shape and pose for our ‘winged cat’. After a number attempts incorporating various styles and poses, we realised that we needed a creative flare that could only be found with the help of a professional illustrator. The guys from Agent recommended that we talk to Chris Gray from weshallsee.co.uk.

chris gray

Based on his portfolio, we highlighted particular a style we were keen to experiment with and he quickly came back with:

griffen cat

While we liked the style direction, the pose wasn’t portraying quite the right impression for our brand. We asked Chris to go back to the drawing board and take more inspiration from the ‘rampant’ pose used in most Griffin and Pegasus symbolism. He came back with something that we all agreed perfectly captured the sense of Innovation, Power and Quality that we wanted.

pegs sketch

And with a little refinement we finally arrived at


Zucchi Re-booted

Posted by Dave on 3rd March 2014

We are Zucchi

Its been an interesting year and a half for Zucchi. With our 2nd birthday fast approaching and following on from finding a new base of operations, we recruited some new talent into our fold. Now encompassing a wider range of skills and experience, we decided it was time to inject some life and vigour into our brand and what we can offer. Thanks to the guys at Agent we now have an amazing brand identity that we are ready to shout about.

Rebrand Strategy - The Road Ahead

We met the guys from Agent about 7 months ago while working out of The Classroom. After some time collaborating on various projects and ultimately being impressed with their quality of work, we approached them to help define our new business direction. This involved identifying what our overall business strategy should be and to help create a new brand identity to go with it. After some in-depth investigation and consultation, Agent came back to us to with some really interesting and positive insights into our business and the possible directions we could take the brand in.

Make It Better - A New Direction

Of the choices we were given, the one that everyone agreed summed up the company and its vision for the future was titled ‘Make it Better’. Here’s the summary for the it:

We love a challenge. our engineers thrive on it. There are no problems, only solutions. We don't always stick to a rigid process, our approach is driven by the user, it is agile and fluid. We draw on our team’s diverse experience and understanding of the bigger picture to think laterally and solve business problems in new and innovative ways. Our approach is bespoke but the result is always the same, a step change, increased performance and an all round better product.

This really emphasised how we wanted our business to work and evolve. Along with this was the realisation that we’re not your normal digital agency, we are in fact Digital Engineers.

Digital Engineers - Defined

So what are Digital Engineers? We define ourselves as being experts in the field of digital products and solutions providers. Our team can offer a wide range of services from the conceptual and creative, to technical and developmental right through to the supportive and educational. Our flexible Agile work mentality means we can deliver the right services and systems within the clients budget.

With ‘Digital Engineer’ now defining our whole image and the type of specialists we are, our creative team took the term ‘Engineer’ as the inspiration for our new website.

Our Website - A Brand New Look


Because we're located in Manchester city centre, we felt this could also provide the perfect environment for our team and profile photographs.

We called upon the talents of Professional Commercial Photographer Pip Rustage, recommended to us by the guys from Agent. Pip’s photography style and keen eye made her the ideal choice for providing the site with a set of fantastic shots set in Castlefield’s impressive industrial surroundings.


Company Logo

This is our new company logo. We’ve named it Pegacat.


You can read a full description of how we came up with this iconography here.


Simple. Engineered. Elegant. These were the ideals that we had in mind when we came to creating our new site. From our choice of gothic font, our use of imagery and our page transitions, a subtle industrial and engineering theme runs through the whole site.

Attempting to move away from the much replicated scrollable single page site, we initially developed tabbed navigation functionality for a page separated style of site. Each section would be given its own page and with it its own transition. This would not only help to define each section, but also make for a more content rich experience.

It was a happy accident that brought about our final navigation method. Trying to maintain our simple but engineered ethos, we were reminded of a quote by Frank Chimero 'keep taking things away until you cry'. We found by taking inspiration from mobile user interface and removing our tabs in favour of simpler navigation icons, this more closely fit in with our original design principles while introducing a prompt for the user to be more exploratory.


We are very proud of zucchi.co.uk. This is our shopfront, our show piece, and as such we consider it more of an online presentation for our company rather than a traditional website.